imgmap 2.2 is available

The new release has improved support for IE8, contains two new examples how to use the library with ExtJS and Xinha, and also comes with a brand new Xinha plugin. Watch out, plugins and AIR executable now come as a separate download!
You can grab the latest pack and plugins here or here.

Version 2.2 changelog:
* Updated excanvas to r3 - should solve IE8 problems
* Added Example with ExtJs integration, thanks to Colin Bell
* New callback event: onDblClickArea
* Fixed Issue 21: Example 1 and soon online editor supports background change
* Fixed Issue 23: Possible to click on area in highlighter mode and fire a callback (follow the link)
* Added Xinha plugin both as an example and a separate plugin
* Examples got renamed to reflect what they do, plugins got separate packages, top level folder is now included in them.


Unknown said...
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Gwyneth Llewelyn said...

Hi :) I've created a WordPress plugin to use imgmap; actually, I'm not using the 2.2 codebase, but a recent version directly from the repository.

I've seen that Drupal, Joomla, and other CMS have already imgmap support; WordPress support seems to be a novelty, so I developed my own plugin.

If you're interested to test it out, you can get more information from: http://gwynethllewelyn.net/gwyns-imagemap-selector/

xan said...

Hi, Its a great lib
just need some fix i think, selection on image react to both left click and right click, need to detect keycode on mousedown event maybe

btw, is there any jquery version or jquery wrapper for this lib?

maschek said...

@xan - no, there is no jquery wrapper. The script works with or without jquery just as well.

Anonymous said...


Is there a version for the latest v4.x tinymce?

thank you

maschek said...

@Chris, sorry, no tiny 4.x version until now and not sure when can I schedule that mayself.

Unknown said...

Hi Maschek,

I am creating a map for my country. I have been looking for a plugin to assist with image maps as i do not know javascript as yet. Do you maybe have a tutorial on how to use your files found here. I am pretty noob, please forgive me.

maschek said...

Hi Kyle,

If you are only creating an image map, you should use the online image map editor: