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Luke Wroblewski at A List Apart published a nice article, with a rather radical title:
Sign Up Forms Must Die


Yesterday i was about to start a new super-geek project that would create a javascript library that handles general map API calls, instead of using specific GMap or Yahoo or other maps calls, when i figured out some people were faster than me again :)
The project is called Mapstraction , and it already has some impressive functionality.
After playing with it a bit, i figured out some of its limitations, most importantly for me, i cannot create marker events.
The development of the library seems a bit stalled at the moment, i joined their mailinglist to see how is it going.
To bypass some of the shortcomings of Mapstraction, Derek Fowler already created some patches, that you can grab from his blog. (Nice blog layout BTW :))


Sugar Bookmarks

At dri, we recently published our first SugarCRM project called Sugar Bookmarks. Download count at 27 at the moment:)

Yahoo on performance

If you ever digged into the deep of website (speed) performance analysis, you are possibly already familiar with the YSlow extension, which gives you a number of tips how to reduce page load times and download size. Some of them are easy to carry out, some of them are not. Yahoo just released a new set of optimization tips:
http://ajaxian.com/archives/yahoo-releases-new-performance-best-practices [Ajaxian]

Here we go again

Hi folks,

after all, i decided to put more content into this blog, in the pure hope to get more readers of you out there. So from now on expect some posts at least once a week, and feel free to leave a mark.


imgmap 2.0beta6 out

Alright folks, for anyone, who is listening here, new version is released, you can go and grab it at:

Changes include:
- TinyMCE3 support
- Adobe AIR support