Google Tag Manager Import Export

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a great online tool to manage pixels and code snippets to be included on your sites. Setting up containers for different sites and copying tags, rules and macros between them however is a real pain in the ass. GTM at the moment doesn't support this, however, with a little Greasemonkey magic, everything is possible.

That is how the Google Tag Manager Import Export script was born.
If you use GTM, this will be a real life-saver for you.


Searching for an online CSS editor

I was quite surprised I didn't find any good online css editors.
I have a simple textarea of css selectors and attributes, and I wish to offer some kind of help to the user in editing those rules. The best tool I found is called Sky CSS Tool, and it does a lot of fancy things I like, however it doesn't support attribute generation from the CSS Code itself. Also the project is pretty much left alone for a number of years. After some modernization, this could be a great tool though.


imgmap 2.2 is available

The new release has improved support for IE8, contains two new examples how to use the library with ExtJS and Xinha, and also comes with a brand new Xinha plugin. Watch out, plugins and AIR executable now come as a separate download!
You can grab the latest pack and plugins here or here.

Version 2.2 changelog:
* Updated excanvas to r3 - should solve IE8 problems
* Added Example with ExtJs integration, thanks to Colin Bell
* New callback event: onDblClickArea
* Fixed Issue 21: Example 1 and soon online editor supports background change
* Fixed Issue 23: Possible to click on area in highlighter mode and fire a callback (follow the link)
* Added Xinha plugin both as an example and a separate plugin
* Examples got renamed to reflect what they do, plugins got separate packages, top level folder is now included in them.


RIP Duke Nukem Forever ...for ever?

Well, i usually dont blog about games, but this is something historical:)
We have all been waiting for the sequel of the popular game Duke Nukem for well over 10 years, and it seems like the wait is over. 3D Realms went broke, and it is questionable if the game will ever be finished.
As Guardian newspaper games writer Steve Boxer said: "Sadly, Duke Nukem Forever was the most aptly named title in the history of games. Now, it's just Duke Nukem Never."

[BBC news]


SugarCRM Roadshow Lisbon 2009

DRI is organizing an open SugarCRM event again. The event takes place in Lisbon, 19th of May.
I had the honor to take part in the project GalpShare, which will be featured as one of the case studies. If you are in or around Lisbon, don't miss it!:)


iBuildings techportal + PHP TestFest

...so apparently iBuildings fired up a new techportal, with editor-in-chief as Cal Evans. Cal recently moved to The Netherlands to join iBuildings, before as we know he was doing the Zend podcasts from the US. (What happened with the podcasts anyway? I loved to listen them while going to work.)
The techPortal already has some nice articles, like debugging development and getting started with phpUnderControl, and it also promotes the 2009 WinPHP Challenge. (XBox, anyone?)

In the meantime PHP TestFest is also getting a kick-off, main goal of which is to improve PHP test coverage and to bring together the PHP user groups.
So, there is a lot of happening going around with PHP, keep your eyes open folks!



I am glad to announce that last week DRI and Galp published a new social networking portal called energiapositiva.pt. The portal itself mainly targets Portuguese audience and it has a nifty little application with which one can advertise and participate in car-sharing. Comes handy in times of crisis:)
I had the honor to participate in the project and would like to hereby congratulate the guys over at DRI for making the impossible possible:) Bom trabalho, pah!


Website down [UPDATE]

...alright, a couple of days ago i had some problems with the DNS records, today the server hardware gave up that runs maschek.hu. Sorry for that, hang loose until all comes back.

I managed to restore the site. Some features might not be fully functional yet.


Image map editor in ExtJS

All the effort that was spent to make the imgmap library as extensible as possible was not in vain!
Colin Bell took the lib, and planted it inside ExtJS. Very nice job, it will be included as an example in future releases. Thank you Colin!

NOTE: double click to edit area properties.


Elgg 1.2 hungarian language pack

...is now available at the elgg community site.
It is based on the previous version of bothy4g, just aligned with the new Elgg version.


European Job Search

As i am currently looking for a job in Belgium/Netherlands, i was curious to see how many job openings are out there for IT professionals in Europe.
To satisfy my curiosity, i have put together a little web application called European Job Search. It still has some minor flaws, but already can give results you wouldn't expect (many php jobs in the Czech Republic, anyone?).
The map itself is SVG based (see my previous posts about building it), and i am sorry to say, but it will NOT work for Internet Explorer users.


jQuery 1.3 released

Marking the 3rd birthday of jQuery, John has released version 1.3. I was curious to see the performance improvement caused by the new sizzle selector engine. According to their testing it is 49% faster than in the previous release that was already considered fast as hell.
For a complete list of novelties, see the release notes.