New version finally here

I have updated the online editor to the most recent version, go and check it out. It is not tested very broadly, so all feedback/bug reports or even wishlists are welcome.



Unknown said...

Very nice work!
I've read in the comments on your previous post that making it into a plugin for the fCKeditor was out of scope untill a new release. So I guess that's now. If you still want to do this, I might be able to give you a hand. I've created a plugin myself and extended two others; also I've made skins for the fCKeditor; and well, I'm just working with it quite often.

So if you need some help feel free to contact me at mail -a-t- saulmade.nl.

FCKPlugins by saulmade
FCKSkins by saulmade/
FCKSnippets by saulmade/

Anonymous said...

Great job,

We were looking at this at work and hoping it will be out soon for a CMS we have to build. Thought about building it in flash, but this would be a much faster solution. We would gladly pay a good fee to use this asap.

maschek said...

Thanks, i will contact you if i have troubles with FCK. First i have to make some minor improvements on the codebase, as stripe-man was giving me good ideas, then i can give it a go.
Also SF.net was rejecting my project for the first time, so i have to run another round with them.


Stripe-man (Terry Remsik) said...

Guten Tag Maschek!!!

Stripe-man here... any progress or a demo to check out for the next version ? :) Im looking foward to seeing it!!


maschek said...

I have finally updated the site for the newest version. Some new features:
- different configurable labeling options
- bounding box on/off in online editor
- uses updated excanvas 0002 from Google
- up/down keys in coordinates input will increase/decrease coordinate value under cursor

I will add a newsfeed soon to the site to be able to follow news easier and of course i still need to make the download page:) I will work on it.


Stripe-man (Terry Remsik) said...

Very Nice indeed!!!

The bounding box though still does not show in Firefox or IE when previewing.. unless im doing something wrong. i have selected Bounding Box and Label with alt text. I see it while creating the different shaes.. just not while priewing. Ideas ?

Anonymous said...

I like you image map editor very much - it is so cool!

I would very much like to download it and use in my own site, where I use image maps a lot.

Is this possible..? Soon?
If you could email it to me, I would love it!
Email duvedikkehvem @ gmail dot com.

Thanks a lot!

maschek said...


Yes, now it is possible :)