GPL version downloadable

The GPL covered version of imgmap form now on is available in the download section, go ahead and check it out:)




Anonymous said...

How can your Image Mapper be integrated into TinyMCE? Is there documentation or a tutorial anywhere?

maschek said...

nope, not at the moment, will have some soon

Stripe-man said...

Awesome Adam!! Thanks for doing this! Will check it out!

I did have a question though on a previous question... any way possible to get text or a reference Number to appear on the image map created to include an outline of this image map created ?

This would give a visual indicator to the user that there was an image map.

Thanks Adam for any consideration.

maschek said...


I guess you mean to show the maps in preview mode somehow in a similar way as in edit mode? I really wouldnt like to mess up preview mode, since it should be the CLOSEST possible to what you really get in the browser with a normal imagemap. (Same as if you consider a print preview function, you wouldnt like to see anything else there than the real preview, right?)

Also sorry for the delays, i will use my upcoming free time to finally work on the plugins, thats what i consider the main track now, besides more documented code.


Stripe-man said...

um.... i think im having a hard time putting what im asking for in words.

Basically its like this.

An outline of the image maps (all pieces) should be drawn on the image or able to highlighted somehow so that it indicates to the person viewing the image map that there is in fact an imagemap.

And each piece should have a text label or something so that it can be reference in a write up on the page else where.

Picture the map of the USA. each state with a drawn image map around it. Someting like the image border around this link ("CSS Library" image) http://www.dynamicdrive.com/style/csslibrary/item/highlight-image-hover-effect/P20/

Not sure if it would be as simple as using CSS. in anycase.. just as important is the use of a reference number (1, 2, 3 .. or A, B, C etc) ON the image as to indicate a reference number or id. That reference number is then used in the article thats being written to reference that image map.

If this is still confusing sorry.. please let me know.. i will build an example in Adobe and forward it to you in email.


alfonsoml said...

I just have found out your image map after moving some comments in http://dev.fckeditor.net/ticket/146 and I think that it's very good.

Have you started with the FCKeditor plugin?

I think that I could do it next weekend, but first I need to know that you haven't done something or that you prefer to do it yourself


maschek said...

Alfonso, and all others who are interested in FCK plugin, please read my upcoming blog post:)