New version on the horizon

Just a quick note to inform that the image map editor has been subject to some serious improvements, and it is 98% ready to be deployed, ... so now really watch out for the new version in the next few days :)


Stripe-man said...

Im looking forward to it!!!

Also.. did you also mention that you were thinking of doing a FCK addon for it as well ?

Thanks !!

Leo said...

This thing is great! Have you decided on any licensing yet? I'm interested!


maschek said...

Yep, sorry about the delay again, i have been relocating myself in Lisbon, and the moving eats up all my time.
The code will be licensed under dual license: GPL and some proprietary one.
It will appear on SF.net also...i never used that one, so it will be a good experience:)
FCK/other plugins are out of the scope until i release this new version, but it will be far easier to integrate with other applications.


Stripe-man said...

I look foward to this very much... can you give an idea on timeline ? 2/4/6 > mo ?


maschek said...

its a question of days:) ...just have to spend some time to cleanup brainaching IE bugs, and its done.